What is Love Project Launched!


What is Love Project, an interractive site, has launched!

The What is Love Project was started by filmmakers Bryan Darling and Megan A. Vrolijk as an online interactive project where anyone can discuss love, relationships, intimacy, and commitment. We don’t define what an ideal relationship is, and we don’t define what it means to be a man. Instead, we cultivate a community of conversation about what it means to be romantically involved in the changing world of the 21st century.
We are using Love is Not Enough to start this conversation. The film arose from a question so many of us have faced in relationships: what happens when two people love one another but have different feelings or ideas about relationships? Is love really enough? And what is love, anyhow? If “all you need is love” like the Beatles sang, why are two people in love unable to overcome conflicts over what each person wants (or needs) in a relationship?
The first phase of the What is Love Project is a series of online video interviews with a variety of men where they share their experiences and thoughts on relationships and intimacy. From the traditional to those outside the norms of society, each video is designed to further discussion and awareness. The community is encouraged to post video replies through our YouTube channel and comment through blog posts.
The second phase will be an open call for submissions. Selected videos will be posted online and screened at public events.
As the community grows and evolves so will the project. Since this is our project, we need your thoughts and ideas. The What is Love Project will only be as good as your contribution.

About Megan A. Vrolijk

Megan A. Vrolijk is the producer of, Who Leads and Love is Not Enough. In addition to her production work, she has presented at numerous conferences on cinema studies and completed her thesis “Male Anxiety and Lusty Lesbians: Contemporary Lesbian Viewership of 1970s Lesbian Vampire Films.” Currently, she is the managing director and cofounder of the not-for-profit Tornsprocket, whose mission is to empower youth and underrepresented people to create and share their stories through film and new media.